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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wall Art Placement - How to Hang Wall Decor

Wall Art Placement - How to Hang Wall Decor

Most Artwork and Decor Featured in this Article is ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.

Decorating wall space can breathe life into a home and bring personality to interior design. When executed properly hanging paintings, pictures and decorations on walls can look clean and cohesive like this...
good wall art placement of vacation pictures
Conversely, without design and direction in your art hanging project, you can easily end up with this...
bad wall art placement
If you're drawn to the first photo, this is your guide to hanging wall art and decorations for a favorable, clean and cohesive result.

Over 20 Easy but Amazing DIY Wall Decor Ideas and Discount Shop

Whether you want to save money on home decorating or you just love crafts and creativity, DIY home decor projects will satisfy and put a personal touch into your home. Even if you don't consider yourself crafty or creative, these wall decor ideas and products will make it a snap for you to decorate like a pro with original interior designs.

Decorating with Accent Colors - Home Decor Accessories to go with Your Wall Paint

Decorating with accent colors is a design tactic that takes little effort but yields a dramatic transformation. Whether your walls are plain white or rich in bold color, choosing décor pieces in colors that compliment (ACCENTuate) your room color is crucial in order to give your design direction and depth. So, how do you choose accent colors that coordinate with your paint? You could grab a color wheel and take a scientific approach to decorating your home, but I recommend getting inspired instead.

Below you’ll find inspirational interior design photos featuring wall and accent decor color combinations. You should use this guide to help you decide which accent colors and décor items you would like for your space.

Find room colors below with accent color decoration ideas and decor products to shop from! Ready?

Bohemian "Boho" Style Home Decor

Bohemian "Boho" Style Home Decor

Get Boho home decor ideas from the coolest Bohemian styled rooms and the newest, discounted Bohemian art and home decor products.

Boho interior design... This home decor theme is full of culture, character and comfort. If you want to decorate your nest with Bohemian inspiration, consider this simple Google definition of "Bohemian":

 Bohemian Decor Style

This chalkboard decorative sign displaying the phrase "Blame it on my Gypsy Soul" seems to me a good interpretation of Bohemian style.
Blame it on my Gypsy Soul, BOHO decor, hand painted distressed rustic wood sign, junk gypsy decor, bohemian decor, gypsy hippie room decor by AmericanAtHeart on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/270834320/blame-it-on-my-gypsy-soul-boho-decor

What I love about Boho interior design is the focus on individuality and beautiful Mother Earth. Your Bohemian style home or room should speak to your individual personality and lifestyle while drawing influence from nature and meditation.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas - Unique kitchen and cafe decor accessories and wall hangings

If your house is anything like mine, most of the traffic and gathering is centered around the kitchen. The kitchen is where guests and hosts rally for food and beverages. A kitchen upgrade or kitchen design remodel is the best way to add value to a home. It's no wonder people put as much thought into kitchen decor as any other room. They should. Whether you're decorating a kitchen from scratch or revamping your old kitchen, here are some kitchen decor/design styles and ideas for your inspiration...

Hollywood Hills Home Decor Ideas and Artwork for Sale

What is it about the homes of the Hollywood Hills that appeals to your inner decorator? No brain buster there! It could be the grand common rooms with walls of huge windows carrying currents of natural light. Maybe it's the architecture that boasts high ceilings and wood beams. But no matter how structurally appealing they are, a home doesn't come together and become your own without the personal touches of personal choices in home decor.

We've put together some AWEsome inspiration and tips for creating your own Hollywood Hills Haven. We will even show you how you can obtain some of the exact home accessories featured in the Hollywood Hills homes below.

How to Modernly Decorate your Apartment or Small Space in 3 Simple Steps with Discount Pieces

Where do you start when it comes to decorating your apartment so it doesn't feel like you live in a white walled ward? You want to bring your space to life but you feel confined by the space itself. You see trendy apartments and lofts and you think, "Only a professional decorator and a budget beyond mine could pull that off."


Prepare to have your mind blown!

Farmhouse Decor Theme - The #1 Tip for Creating a Beautiful Farmhouse Design in your Home

Farmhouse decorating is all about the mixing and matching and placement of home accessories and lots of them. This makes over cluttering a common mistake when trying to pull off this theme. To help you get it right, here are some tips and tricks to creating a farmhouse design in your home.

Image result for farmhouse decor

Farmhouse Decor Displays (THE #1, BEST Farmhouse Decor Tip)

Monday, September 4, 2017

How to Decorate Bungalow Style

How to Decorate Bungalow Style

What is it about bungalows that has interior designers and home owners so inspired? Maybe it's because you can't think of a bungalow without thinking of a vacation, and who doesn't want to live in a permanent vacation? Here are some tips for decorating your home bungalow style.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Coolest Large Wall Paintings, Canvases, Art Under $50

Rouse the Room home and wall décor has the most unique and interesting accessories for big blank spaces. With wall decorations that take up big spaces, you don’t need a professional designer to makeover your home. Just follow your style instincts and use one art focal piece.

The Coolest Large Wall Paintings, Canvases, Art Under $50