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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Cake Pops - Mailboxes with Pink Fondant Flags

Valentine Cake Ball Pops

You can learn how to use fondant for cake balls and cake pops in my post Birthday Cake Cake Pops with Fondant

Valentine Cake Pops

Crafty Gal Tip - Add fondant flags AFTER cake pop icing is dry. Use a dab of melted chocolate as the adhesive for the flag.

Valentines Day Mailbox Cake Balls

Outline the mailbox lid with icing writer. (I should have used a more contrasting color.)

Valentines Desserts

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Purple Shampoo Turning Your Hair Purple? How to Properly Use Toning Shampoo on Blonde Hair.

Toning shampoos can work wonders for brassy locks or to achieve a white blonde shade after and in between highlights. But there is a severe grandma hair epidemic going around resulting from the incorrect application of toners. If you apply these key steps into your toning routine, you'll have everyone asking who your colorist is.

#1 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Spend a Few More Bucks on a Really Good Product.

ULTA sells this Lee Stafford line for Blondes. I would recommend going for it and getting both the shampoo and conditioner. The cost is about 10 dollars per bottle.

#2 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Use Toning Products One Time per Week or every 10 Days, NOT with Every Wash

Purple toners dry out the hair so it absorbs the cool tones. If you overuse the product, you will not only compromise the health of the hair but absorb too much of the shampoo's actual purple color instead of the toning tint in the shampoo.

#3 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Lightly Cleanse Hair with a Regular Shampoo Just Before Applying Toner

In order to work up a good lather and to prep the hair to receive an even tone, use about half the amount of your regular shampoo that you normally would and give your hair a quick rinse. Then immediately apply purple shampoo.

#4 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Lather! Root to End.

Work that product all over the hair focusing on getting a good lather all over starting at the scalp.

#5 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...


Rinse the toning shampoo out COMPLETELY. Your hair will feel quite dry. But this is normal.

#6 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Condition! End to Root.

I recommend using a moisturizing toning conditioner for blondes. Work the conditioner into the hair with the reverse technique used for applying the toning shampoo. Rinse the conditioner out COMPLETELY.

#7 Key Step in Using Purple Toning Shampoo...

Avoid Blow Dryer.

It's ALWAYS best to let your hair air dry, avoiding the heat of a blow dryer but especially after toning. Apply a little leave in conditioner spray to wet hair and let nature do most of the work.

Let Me Know if this Tutorial Helped You!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

How about some unique ideas for fireplace mantel decorating...

mantel on fireplace decorations

decorate fireplace

fireplace mantels

fireplace mantel ideas

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shewelry - DIY Shoe Accessories. Create a New Pair of Shoes with Shoe Jewelry.

Shoe Accessories

 Turn old shoes into new styles

Shewelry - I made this foot cuff by cutting felt into strips and then attaching a piece of elastic to either end of the strips.

How to make ankle strap for shoe

Slide the cuff onto your foot and then put your shoe on. Very comfortable and stylish.


Add ankle strap to pumps

Shewelry - I made these ankle straps by cutting strips of felt and hot gluing studded trim on top. Then I sewed Velcro and the chain accessory to the felt.

DIY shoe design

This Shewelry piece is my favorite when worn with flats.

Ankle strap added to shoe

Or wear with pumps and REALLY pump it up.

Add bows to boots, shoes

Shewelry - I made these little bows out of ribbon by the spool and attached them to hair clips with hot glue.

Clip on bows for shoes

There are many ways you can clip these onto boots, pumps, flats, etc.

DIY shoes

Shewelry - Another foot cuff made with felt and rhinestones attached with elastic.

fashion diy

Shewelry - Turns ordinary flats into elegant Mary Janes

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gift Card Bouquet DIY, Gift Idea for Guys

Gift Card Bouquet DIY

I made this movie gift card bouquet/basket for a guy friend using craft items I already had around the house.

Here's How to Make this Cool Gift Card Basket

Do an internet search for images to use as decor in your gift card basket/bouquet.
Print the images

After you cut or fold the printed images, hot glue them to skewers like these...

You can hot glue the gift cards to the skewers too or just some of them.

Arrange gift cards and images in a tissue stuffed box or basket or whatever container you like. If you can snag one of those movie popcorn bags and use it that would be neat.

Black and White Cake Pops, Chocolate Drizzle Cake Balls

Black and White, Chocolate Drizzled Cake Ball Pops

I made these round and square shaped cake ball pops and decorated them with a black and white theme.


  • Use the same candy melts or almond bark that you use for the cake pop coating
  • Dip a fork into the melted chocolate and stir it around. 
  • Take the fork out and hold it up so you can see how the chocolate drizzles off of the fork. The important thing is that you drizzle when the chocolate is flowing off the fork in a thin stream. This happens right before the chocolate starts to drip instead of flow. If you start to drizzle too soon when the stream of chocolate is to thick, you will end up with globs instead of drizzles. If you drizzle too late when the chocolate is dripping, you'll end up with, well drip drops on your cake pops.
  • You want to drizzle the chocolate over the cake pops one at a time and holding the cake pop at an angle.

If you like these cake pops, check out these paisley print cake pops.