Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Make Wood Furniture Look Old, Antique, Distressed with Paint

Sometimes old or antique furniture isn't in the best condition to display in their original state. Distressing furniture is a way to restore pieces while preserving the character that comes from being old. 

On the flip side, you may have a piece of furniture that isn't old but you would like to make it look old.

This technique of distressing wood and making furniture look old or antique can be applied to any woodwork you would like to look something like this...

do it yourself how to make furniture look antique


  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Base Coat Paint (Paint/primer combo is best.)
  • Top Coat Paint (distressing color), (Paint/primer combo is best.)
  • Soft Rags (like old t-shirts)
  • Wood Wax

Crafty Gal Tip: Choosing Distressing Paint Colors - As a general rule when choosing wood distressing paint combinations, the base color should be lighter than the top or distressing color.

I believe there are two best approaches to picking out a top coat/distressing paint color:

Approach #1 - Pick a top coat that resembles the color of things that would normally cause distress to furniture.
  • Dirt
  • Rust
  • Dust
  • Grime
I know, not typically the criteria for picking out paint colors, but here are some project results from following this approach...

antique looking green dresser teal table diy

Approach #2 - Pick a top coat that is a several shades darker in the same color or similar hue as the base coat color. You can also make your own top coat color by simply adding black or brown paint to the base coat colo. Here are some project results from following this approach...

how to make old dresser look distressedkitchen island made to look antique

Now We Begin to Distress the Wood Furniture


  • Remove hardware
  • Sand surfaces to better accept the paint
  • Vacuum, wipe off residue from sanding
  • Prime - Assess whether you need a coat of primer after sanding. If the wood was natural and unpainted, you won't need a primer.
    sanding wood before distressing with paint

2. PAINT INSIDE (Optional)

  • Since you won't be distressing the inside of shelves and drawers, you have to decide whether to leave them unrestored or paint them a different accent color.
  • Let dry completely before moving on to painting the wood with your base color.
restore wood furnituredesk painted distress 


  • Paint wood with first paint color
  • Let dry. Overnight is not necessary but at least two hours.


  • Apply top coat to one section of the furniture at a time (side, back, drawer)
  • With a clean brush, apply a light top coat, with a light hand, in random stroke patterns.

    how to make furniture look antique
  • Immediately after application, use a soft cloth and rub over the paint strokes subtly blending the top coat strokes with the base coat.
  • Repeat where needed. (There's no error in this project. If you feel you went too heavy with the top coat, LET ALL PAINT COATS THUS FAR DRY WELL, then go over the top coat and add strokes of the base coat followed by wiping and blending again.
distressing wood with paint


  • Make sure paint is dry before sanding distress marks
  • Sand by hand or with electric sander over painted wood in areas you would like the wood to show through.
  • Areas that get most distressed naturally, overtime are corners, edges and around hardware. However, there are no boundaries to distress. 
make furniture look antiquepainting wood to look distressed


  • Make sure all paint is dry and project is ready for final phase.
  • Apply wood wax with a soft cloth to the painted surfaces
  • Re-install hardware
    how to distress furnituredistressed dresser

Friday, April 24, 2015

Summertime Fashion Tips and Trends - How to dress sexy and appropriately AND beat the heat.

women's sporting event outfits

 Outside or sporting events come with fashion challenges in the summer. 

To keep cool and classy, choose cotton pants or capris that offer ventilation and won't stick to your body paired with a baby tee or crop top. If you're still worried about showing too much, grab a collared shirt and tie it around your waste or wear loosely over your top.

how to dress appropriately during the summer

 Fashion for the beach or boat...

A sexy bustier top can be toned down with an off the shoulder in a sheer, light fabric. Gone are the days where mixing prints and patterns was a no-no. Check out this ensemble combining tribal, plaid AND stripes!

A fourth of July outfit sure to flaunt your independence and individuality!

outfits to wear when it is hot

Wondering how to get that 90's grunge look without the...grunge?

Get out some old running shorts and a sleeveless flannel and top it off with a cropped tee. Cute flats and some stacked jewelry will finish off this fun, effortless look.


Miley Cyrus supports this 90s fashion trend. See more daring outfits from Miley Cyrus.

what to wear with a kimono jacket

 To beat the summertime heat, you don't have to lose your cool... Or your clothes. 

Try a chiffon kimono over a romper or shorts with cork bottom wedges. Trendy AND comfortable!

Miley Cyrus, Nikki Hilton and Nicole Richie are all fans of kimono streetstyle.

what to wear on vacation

Summer vacation fashion has to be thought out when you have photos to consider.

Show your wild side with a camo tube top and white jeans layered just a tad with a linen or cotton vest and jazzy flats.

Kim Kardashian in safari inspired earth-tone blouse and white cargo shorts.

pool party outfits

 Pool parties can intimidate even the most self assured fashionista.

Show off your new bikini and retain your dignity with a breezy maxi skirt and/or a sheer, unbottoned top.

The ever trend-setting Gwen Stefani in vacation style with animal print bikini and maxi cover-up.

how to wear floral dresses

 Be bold in delicate prints.

Combine and compliment floral fabrics with dark accessories for a sexy, sweet sauce.

kylie jenner jeans outfit

 Summertime glam.

Distressed jeans and a modest amount of glitz can turn you into the most interesting girl at the party. 

Think outside the box to mix dainty pieces with rocking accessories like Kylie Jenner.

kylie jenner outfits

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer Swimwear Trends 2015

2015 Swimwear Trends

Another summer is approaching and I think this year's swim trends are the most cutting edge and exciting we've seen in a while. 

All photos in this post from AMI and these swimsuits can be purchased at:
new swimwear trends
Maybe the most notable difference in new swimwear trends is that the suits are made with more fabric. FINALLY! I won't say gone are the days of the tiny triangle top and invisible straps but many new bikini designs seem to have been inspired by the bathing beauty posters from the 40s.

The classic summertime look of high waisted, full bottoms and sweetheart neckline bra tops has come full-circle...with a few cut-outs. I LOOOVE it. 

swimwear trends 2015

high wasted bikini

swimsuit cutouts

white and black trendy bikini

These swimsuits and more can be purchased at:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Twig Chandelier - The 3 Step Do it Yourself Guide to Making a Rustic Chandelier from Sticks and Branches

Watch my Youtube video for this project below...

The Base

Use branches about an inch and a half in diameter to create a base by attaching the twigs to the center of the chandelier. I used a combination of Zip Ties (to attach the heavier branches to the metal changelier stems) and hot glue (to attach lighter branches to the heavier branches).

TIP: Remember that you want to create a "nest" at the bottom of the fixture so you will need some length from the base branches to extend below. The bottom of the base branches will be the foundation for building the nest.

Displaying IMAG1254.jpg


The Arms

Thinner, longer twigs are needed for the arms or stems of the chandelier. When you're out stick searching really good finds are the long wispy twigs that are easy to bend without snapping.

I found it best to stick twigs into the base where there are spaces that will allow, then line the twig up with an arm or stem and use small Zip Ties to attach it. You will have to repeat this maybe a hundred times with each new twig install and all around the chandelier concentrating on the arms or stems.

The Nest

Just like the base serves as a foundation for the arms, the arms do the same for the nest. This is why I explain that these three steps, as well as the order in which they are performed, are key to a successful result in this project. 

Using a mixture of twigs (some the same size as the ones used for the arms and some a little wider than the ones used for the arms but thinner than the ones used for the base), start to build and weave the final structure of the chandelier. Use longer branches to create a "bowl" by attaching one end of the branch to one arm and the other end to another arm. I did not use any hot glue for the nest. I used some Zip Ties, but because my base and arms foundations were good, I could rely mostly on them to build the nest. I laid twigs across the arms just securing the ends by sticking them in between other twigs. I also poked twigs through the bottom of the base where the base twigs were snug and they would stay wedged in between them.

Displaying IMAG1336.jpg

Hanging this beast is a whole nother tutorial, but if you have questions about that please comment or email me and I'd be happy to help.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cinder Block Bench - Do-it-Yourself Outdoor Seating

diy bench

I took an interest in this project when I saw this picture:

on this blog/site:

I decided to take a stab at the cinder block bench myself...

how to make your own outdoor furniture

I'm thinking about spray painting the cinder blocks but I'm not sure what color... White?

diy outdoor seating