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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Farmhouse Decor Theme - The #1 Tip for Creating a Beautiful Farmhouse Design in your Home

Farmhouse decorating is all about the mixing and matching and placement of home accessories and lots of them. This makes over cluttering a common mistake when trying to pull off this theme. To help you get it right, here are some tips and tricks to creating a farmhouse design in your home.

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Farmhouse Decor Displays (THE #1, BEST Farmhouse Decor Tip)

Farmhouse decor displays or exhibits are the best ways to start and execute a beautiful farmhouse design.

  • Use furniture pieces like desks, dressers and hall tables to create farmhouse "exhibits".

  • Furnishings with natural, matte and rescued or restored finishes are staples in creating the farmhouse look.

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Dress your farmhouse display piece with accessories like:

  • Old Hardcover Books

Stack them to use as a platform to display other decor items like: wild flowers, vases, mason jars, lamps, candleholders, etc.
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    • Rustic Picture Frames

    Lean them against the wall and overlapping each other. This is a great way to introduce some farmhouse colors into your design like teal, burnt orange or anything with a whitewash coating. DIY Opportunity: Make your own farmhouse theme picture frames with a little paint and sandpaper. Once paint on frames is dry sand the wood frames in sporadic patterns exposing the natural wood beneath.
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      • Vintage Glasswear

      Display different types of glass jars, bottles and vases in your farmhouse exhibit. The options are endless and accessible. You probably have what you need around the house already. DIY Opportunity: Spray paint ordinary glass jars, vases and even wine bottles to go with your farmhouse design.
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        •  Antique or Rescued (looking) Mirrors

        Place an old or old appearing mirror on your display piece leaning against a wall. Lots of options here too. Don't be afraid to mix metals or finishes. That old gold-framed mirror would be perfect even if you're already decorating with silver candlesticks. DIY Opportunity: Mirrors with wood frames can be hand sanded to appear more aged and rustic.
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          •  Plates and Dinnerwear

          Arrange plates, gravy bowls and other ceramics in your farmhouse design. I prefer white but you can get creative as long as you adhere to the rustic or aged look.
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            •  Baskets

            Functional as well as decorative, baskets are great farmhouse decorations. Place them on a bottom shelf of a display furniture piece or on the floor beneath. Use them for storage or continue the farmhouse design and decorate the baskets with farmhouse accessories like:
                • Rolled up burlap
                • Throw pillows
                • Blankets or throws
                • Decorative sticks
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            • Clocks

            Because of their size and the universal need to know the time, wall clocks tend to make an appearance in a lot of home decor themes. They are included in our farmhouse theme because rustic, restored or rescued looking wall clocks are very accessible, affordable and their grandeur translates your theme easily.
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            More Fun with Farmhouse Decor...

            • Shelves - Making use of shelving can only improve your farmhouse design. Display decor items like:

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            REMEMBER: Anything vintage or farmhouse can be found at your local thrift store. The key is to look at these items beyond what they may have originally been used for. Almost anything can be decorative. So look at old junk with a new perspective. 
            • Jars
            • Plants
            • Birdcages
            • Photo frames
            • Wooden or vintage signs
            • Aluminum buckets
            • Canteens
            • Candlesticks
            • Vases (with sticks, branches, wild flowers, wooden kitchen utensils, etc.)
            • Antique perfume bottles
            • Antique liquor bottles
            • Antique Cocacola bottles
            • Statues and figurines
            • Lanterns
            • Folded or rolled burlap materials, sacks, etc.
            • Vintage alarm clocks
            • Antique skeleton keys
            • Straw hats
            • Washboards
            • Chalkboard signs
            • Vintage desk fan
            • Tin containers
            • White ceramic dishes, pitchers
            • Antique hand mirrors
            • Old license plates
            • Aluminum or wood alphabet letters
            • Vintage board games
            • Vintage serving trays
            • Burlap or vintage-looking grocery sacks
            • Old cowboy boots
            • Vintage-looking aprons
            • Lace doilys
            • Old garden tools

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