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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Modernly Decorate your Apartment or Small Space in 3 Simple Steps with Discount Pieces

Where do you start when it comes to decorating your apartment so it doesn't feel like you live in a white walled ward? You want to bring your space to life but you feel confined by the space itself. You see trendy apartments and lofts and you think, "Only a professional decorator and a budget beyond mine could pull that off."


Prepare to have your mind blown!

Follow this guide to decorating apartments and small spaces, and in just a few simple, inexpensive steps you can take your space from bore to adore.

How to Modernly Decorate your Apartment or Small Space in 3 Simple Steps with Discount Pieces

1. Use Wall Space and Choose Large Dramatic Wall Art

Retro Apartment Decor Wall and Accessories  Modern Wall Decal for Apartment Decor
Choose large wall hangings and wall art that set the tone or theme of the room on their own. Don’t go overboard with lots of pictures and hanging pieces because clutter never compliments small spaces. If you rent your apartment, you may have thrown out the idea of decorating the walls because you don’t want to damage them with holes and paint. Not so fast. Damage-free hangers like Command Strips are easy to use and remove for wall hangings up to 5 pounds. Also, wall decals are an awesome alternative to painting apartment walls. Decorative wall decals are basically wall stickers usually made of vinyl with a damage-free adhesive backing that allows you to remove and reuse the decal so you don’t have to worry about messing up when you place them. Find a large wall decal that fits the style you want your apartment d├ęcor to follow and you’ll have a modern, professional-looking mural for an accent wall.
Modern Unique Wall Art Animal Characters

2. Create a Large Illusion with Mirrors

Strategically chosen and displayed mirrors never fail at making a room look bigger and brighter, so they are essential to your small space/apartment decor.
Modern Mirrors Decor for Small Spaces
Apartment Decor with Mirror Wall  Use of Mirrors in Small Bedroom
Avoid damage to your walls by leaning a full length mirror against the wall or using mirror decals with paint-friendly adhesive backings.
Make a room bigger and brighter with mirrors

3. Choose Accent Color(s) and Incorporate Accent Color Pieces

Awesome Apartment Decor with Color Accents Modern Girly Apartment Decor Pink and Black 
 With your main focal piece in play, it's time to find some decorative pieces that compliment your art and overall design. Choose one or two accent colors to bring pops of color into your space. If you need help choosing accent colors, this guide will help:
 You should be looking for decorative accents in your accent color(s) such as these:
  • Throw Pillows
  • Vases
  • Silk Flowers
  • Candles
  • Throws (Blankets)
  • Rugs
  • Baskets, Decorative Storage Pieces (These are space savers as you can use them to hold magazines, remote controls, blankets, etc.)
  • Curtains
  • Lamp Shades
Apartment Wall Decor and Accent Color Accessories  Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas, Simple and Tasteful

apartment decor accessories color pops  Apartment Decor Ideas-Teal Accessories

Decor for Apartment and Home, Pink and Green Accessories  Apartment Home Decor Color Accent Pieces
Modern Home Decor with Yellow Accessories

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