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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Decorating with Accent Colors - Home Decor Accessories to go with Your Wall Paint

Decorating with accent colors is a design tactic that takes little effort but yields a dramatic transformation. Whether your walls are plain white or rich in bold color, choosing décor pieces in colors that compliment (ACCENTuate) your room color is crucial in order to give your design direction and depth. So, how do you choose accent colors that coordinate with your paint? You could grab a color wheel and take a scientific approach to decorating your home, but I recommend getting inspired instead.

Below you’ll find inspirational interior design photos featuring wall and accent decor color combinations. You should use this guide to help you decide which accent colors and décor items you would like for your space.

Find room colors below with accent color decoration ideas and decor products to shop from! Ready?


Accent Decor for Grey Room, Walls

Yellow Accent Décor for Grey Room

Decor ideas for grey living room, bedroom, yellow accent decor

yellow accent decor for grey room

decorating ideas for grey room

accent colors for grey room

Turquoise Accent Décor for Grey Room

how to decorate a gray painted room

Purple Accent Décor for Grey Room

Purple, lavender, lilac home decor ideas


Accent Decor for Beige Room, Walls

Coral Accent Décor for Beige Room

Decor ideas for beige walls, room

How to decorate beige room
Coral accent decor for beige painted room


Accent Decor for Yellow Room, Walls

Red Accent Decor for Yellow Room

accent color decor for yellow room

Navy Blue Accent Decor for Yellow Room

yellow bedroom decor ideas


Accent Decor for Brown Room, Walls

Blue Accent Décor for Brown Room

brown painted room accent decor ideas

decor ideas for dark brown living room


Accent Decor for Green Room, Walls

Orange Accent Decor for Green Room

home decor that goes with green walls

Gold Accent Decor for Green Room

decor that goes with green room

Turquoise, Teal Accent Decor for Green Room

lime green paint accent decor ideas

Pink Accent Decor for Green Room

Home decor shop for green painted room


Accent Decor for Turquoise, Teal Room, Walls

Yellow Accent Decor for Teal Room

yellow home decor accessories

Black Accent Decor for Teal Room

home decor goods accessories to match turquoise, teal walls

Lime Green Accent Decor for Teal Room

lime green home decor pieces


Accent Decor for Red Room, Walls

Decorating a red room with accent colors can be tricky. To me, the color red IS the ultimate accent color. It’s bold and vibrant and stands out by itself. However white and/or black decor accessories in a red room can help break up the red and add style. A red room is just a red room, but a red room with black accent decorations like long drapes, picture frames and pillows is a SEXY room. White accent decor items in a red room make the space more open and inviting.
how to decorate red room

accent decor colors for red room


Accent Decor for Blue Room, Walls

Orange Accent Decor for Blue Room

home decor for blue living room

Yellow Accent Decor for Navy Blue Room

navy blue paint walls decor accessories to match


Accent Decor for Orange Room, Walls

Green Accent Decor for Orange Room

home decor to match orange accent wall


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