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Friday, November 8, 2013

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

(For my thoughts on appropriate interview attire, check out my article "CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas".)

No matter how developed your skills applicable to the job, or how much you rehearsed your spiel about how you can help advance the company you're interviewing with, your attire will be speaking and possibly interrupting, before you've even opened your mouth. This list, and my article: "CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas", will help you dress for success and ace that important job interview.

  •  Jeans - Even if you think you're compensating with business wear on top, you're not. Just don't do it.

what not to do on a job interview how to dress for an interview

  • Open-Toed Shoes/Sandals - Bad Bad Bad. It's not professional or acceptable for a job interview no matter how new and neat your pedicure is. It also reads "cheap", which precedes lots of other negative assumptions like "desperate", "unreliable", "dishonest", "liability", etc. Since your interview outfit sets the tone for your career wear, with that particular company, your interviewer will also foresee a string of bad outfit choices, which just looks bad on her/him and puts the entire company's reputation at risk. All from a peep-toe! I'm telling you...Don't do it.
what to wear to an interview
  • An Oversized Sweater or sweater of any kind that isn't a vest or fitted. It's too sloppy-looking unless paired with leggings or tight bottoms, and that is too casual and not appropriate for a job interview.
What not to wear to a job interview
  • Flats - Flats have a tendency to be discrediting. The right heel (closed toe, not too high, in a solid, demure hue) exudes power. Flats are for personal assistants and apprentices...and I mean the minion kind that never get promoted from coffee runs and dog walking.
mistakes made on job interviews job interview appropriate attire
  • Lots of Pink - I love pink, but it's just not taken seriously enough in the workplace. Peach and dim pinks become acceptable once you're employed...in moderation, but hot/bright/neon and/or too much pink should not come out of the closet for an interview.
what not to wear to an interview
  • A Lot of Floral - Save the sundress for the weekend. Again, too girly - Not taken seriously. Dim, subtle floral/paisley prints are fine for a blouse,  layered with a blazer or tailored jacket/knit.
what not to wear in the workplace what not to wear to work
  • Tall Boots - Sex appeal can be played up slightly once you're employed...but if you don't know how to do so and respect the workplace too, then just don't even attempt. Again, you'll be able to show off your new leather, studded stems...that's what the weekend is for.
how to dress professionally for interviews 
  • Major Pieces with Shine or Shimmer - No sparkly jackets, skirts, pants. Subtle sheen like satin lapels or silver trim, fine.
what not to wear to a job interview dressing for the job
  • Mesh, Sheer or Unlined - As with the other "Not-to-wears", don't try to bend this rule. It's never okay to wear anything see-through to a job interview no matter the suit vest you paired on top or the pretty bra you bought to wear underneath or the flesh colored slip/lining that prevents you from showing "all" if the air conditioning gets a little low. Nude lining under something see-through still emits the concept of NUDITY and it shows that you are leading with your sex appeal, not your brain or personality.
what to wear for a job interview

(For my thoughts on appropriate interview attire, check out my article "CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas".)


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