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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fall Fashion, Cute Outfits for Colder Weather

I love styling for cooler weather. The need to keep warm with layers makes for lots of outfit options. I hope these outfit ideas inspire you to have fun with colors and textures and to step outside of the box by pairing pieces from contrasting style genres.

What to wear in winter
Just because the Summer heat has retired for another season doesn't mean your favorite cutoffs have to go with it. A major factor in being edgier with your style is knowing you can mix and match clothing and accessories you wouldn't normally even find in the same store during a particular time of year...like shorts and jackets. Pair leggings or tights with your sexy cutoff shorts. Add a cozy wrap and ankle boots and you've seamlessly transitioned Summer Girl into Fall Fox.

Monday, May 25, 2015

15 Awesome DIY Photoshoot Ideas and How to Create Professional Photos at Home

15 awesome diy photo shoot ideas and how to create professional photos at home

With cell phone cameras just as powerful as high res digital equipment, all you need to create the perfect photo, is the perfect photo scenery. Turns out that is right at your fingertips too. Here are some ideas to help you get creative with scenes and props and make professional photos in your home and backyard.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Summertime Fashion Tips and Trends - How to dress sexy and appropriately AND beat the heat.

women's sporting event outfits

 Outside or sporting events come with fashion challenges in the summer. 

To keep cool and classy, choose cotton pants or capris that offer ventilation and won't stick to your body paired with a baby tee or crop top. If you're still worried about showing too much, grab a collared shirt and tie it around your waste or wear loosely over your top.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer Swimwear Trends 2015

2015 Swimwear Trends

Another summer is approaching and I think this year's swim trends are the most cutting edge and exciting we've seen in a while. 

All photos in this post from AMI and these swimsuits can be purchased at:
new swimwear trends
Maybe the most notable difference in new swimwear trends is that the suits are made with more fabric. FINALLY! I won't say gone are the days of the tiny triangle top and invisible straps but many new bikini designs seem to have been inspired by the bathing beauty posters from the 40s.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Purple Shampoo Turning Your Hair Purple? How to Properly Use Toning Shampoo on Blonde Hair.

Toning shampoos can work wonders for brassy locks or to achieve a white blonde shade after and in between highlights. But there is a severe grandma hair epidemic going around resulting from the incorrect application of toners. If you apply these key steps into your toning routine, you'll have everyone asking who your colorist is.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lingerie Swimwear DIY - How to Turn an Old Swimsuit into a Sexy, Lingerie Inspired Beach Look

Lingerie used to be only for the bedroom, but you can't hit the sun anymore without noticing sexy, lingerie looking swimsuits. I'm a huge fan of revamping your wardrobe pieces with DIY tips, tricks and tutorials. Check out my easy How To video, DIY Lingerie Swimwear, to learn how to make last year's bikini a trendy lingerie inspired swimsuit.

What will you need?... Well a swimsuit or bikini for one, and... one pair of lace panties/underwear.

Swimgerie DIY

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What to Wear with Cowboy Boots, Outfit Ideas to Pair with Cowboy Boots

What to Wear with Cowboy Boots? How to Make Cowboy Boots Fashionable? What Accessories Compliment Cowboy Boots?...Country fashion, when done right, achieves that elusive combination of super sexy and adorably cute. Check out my story boards of outfits to wear with Cowboy boots. 

Things to Wear Cowboy Boots With

Friday, January 10, 2014

Detachable Skirt DIY - Cool outfit idea, no sewing necessary

How to make a detachable skirt

If you want to take an outfit to the next level or need a special look without the special price tag, adding a train/flounce/skirt to a dress or outfit you already have is a show-stealing idea. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

::: OutsaPop Trashion ::: DIY fashion by Outi Pyy :::: DIY fashion tutorials at Refinery29

diy tutorial embellished sequined tights inspiration
::: OutsaPop Trashion ::: DIY fashion by Outi Pyy :::: DIY fashion tutorials at Refinery29: I didn´t know Refinery29 had also DIY fashion tutorials. Well they do. And the´re not that bad. Quite stylish actually. Like these embell...

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

(For my thoughts on appropriate interview attire, check out my article "CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas".)

No matter how developed your skills applicable to the job, or how much you rehearsed your spiel about how you can help advance the company you're interviewing with, your attire will be speaking and possibly interrupting, before you've even opened your mouth. This list, and my article: "CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas", will help you dress for success and ace that important job interview.

  •  Jeans - Even if you think you're compensating with business wear on top, you're not. Just don't do it.

what not to do on a job interview how to dress for an interview