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Monday, August 4, 2014

Lingerie Swimwear DIY - How to Turn an Old Swimsuit into a Sexy, Lingerie Inspired Beach Look

Lingerie used to be only for the bedroom, but you can't hit the sun anymore without noticing sexy, lingerie looking swimsuits. I'm a huge fan of revamping your wardrobe pieces with DIY tips, tricks and tutorials. Check out my easy How To video, DIY Lingerie Swimwear, to learn how to make last year's bikini a trendy lingerie inspired swimsuit.

What will you need?... Well a swimsuit or bikini for one, and... one pair of lace panties/underwear.

Swimgerie DIY

Friday, August 30, 2013

Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun (Unique mirror frames, lampshades, swimwear, shoes, and even hair extensions!)

Oh the things you can do and make with a hot glue gun...
And I've tried them all. These projects not only produce professional results from hot glue adherence, but hold up over time...Yes even the swimwear (Hot glue can get wet and cold water washed, just DO NOT put in the dryer.)


Monday, March 4, 2013

Embellish Your Bikini - How to make last season's swimwear this season's trend.

Because of my constant, craft obsessive ticks, I haven't personally found myself in the hell-on-earth predicament (at least not since I was like 13) of being caught in the same swim suit as another girl. I do know, however, that the risk of realizing you are standing in the fruity drink line on your Carribean Cruise boat next to a girl who is dawning the same bikini that you blew last months bonus on because it looked "totally unique" is nightmare enough for you to want to throw your fruity drink on...YOURSELF, in attempt to achieve your one-of-a-kind look...at last! In truth, the only way to really achieve that elusive one-of-a-kind summer guise, is to take what you have to Gem Class. I've got all kinds of options for turning last season's, worn-out duds into this year's must-have, flair.

Cutting slits into a lycra swimsuit can really edge it up. Just make sure the suit you want to destroy has lining or be EXTRA strategic when making those cuts! Nothing's worse than getting scissors deep into a project and realizing you've made some brain-lapsing mistake and there's no recovery button.
Lay your swimsuit flat on the ground or surface. I choose the ironing board b/c its height is perfect for this project and it reminds me to cut CAREFULLY as to not disrupt the swimsuit's lining OR the ironing board's padding. Use scissors, but only use one of the blades, to GENTLY and LIGHTLY make slits in the lycra part of your swimwear by pushing the end of the scissor blade into the fabric and SLOWLY dragging it accross. You will probably have to use a LIGHT "sawing" motion to get the blade to slice through the fabric without pulling or snagging it. I also find you can use the end of the scissor blade to start the slit and then cut through it using scissors normally. Horizontal slits only. (It is impossible to make them slanted or any other way as the cut won't be straight and you will probably just end up with a hole.) Refer to the photos in this post to know how far apart or close together you can make the cuts.