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Saturday, March 30, 2013

CLOTHES THE DEAL...Job Interview Attire Ideas - What to Wear to a Job Interview

(For my thoughts on what NOT to wear to an interview, check out my article: "What to NOT Wear to a Job interview".)

A great concept to remember when dressing on for a job interview is to consider what you might wear if you were meeting your fiance's conservative parents...for the first time...in church! Nothing too short, too tight, too colorful, too revealing, too white, too black, etc. This criteria for dressing to impress a prospective boss probably seems impossible to meet so I've put together some great out fit suggestions with pictures to make it easy to ace 50% of that interview before you even leave your house.

I suggest tailored and layered with a cohesive color story or one color accentuated in one or two accessories. Good tailoring or well-fitting clothes are EVERYTHING. You can be suffering and symptomatic from the flu, in the pits of a break-up or even fearful of losing your job or rank and if you're wearing clothes that LOOK like they were made for you, it hard for people to think anything about you except that you know exactly what you're doing. If there's every a day you should wear a suit, it's for a job interview. Get inspired with the looks below:

  • A Black Suit with a Slightly Contrasting or Printed Blouse and Black Closed Toed (or break suit pieces up)
  • A Black Blazer with Neutral Modest-Fitting Slacks, a Slightly Contrasting or Printed Blouse and Closed Toed Pumps/Heels
  • A Black Suit Skirt with a Slightly Contrasting or Printed Blouse Layered with a Knit or Sweater (Not too bold or bright in color) and Black Closed Toed Pumps/Heels


  • If Not Black, A Grey or Neutral in Color Suit with a Contrasting but Complementing Blouse (It's OK to be a little boring when pairing items with your suite. This white blouse with subtle ruffle neckline is the perfect amount of pizazz)

  • You Can Still Show Off Your Personality and Fashion Sense with Accessories. Stick to a Cohesive Color Story and Don't Mix Lots of Different Colored Accessories (Remember: You don't want your interviewer to be distracted by your clothing or outfit because he/she won't be interested in what you have to offer their company aside from an interesting look.)

  • If, and Only if, You Truly Believe You Would Benefit from a More Casual, Less "Stiff" Interview Ensemble, By All Means, Take it Down A Notch. (Just one notch though. Check the looks below to understand how to dress less formal but still professional.)

(For my thoughts on what NOT to wear to an interview, check out my article: "What to NOT Wear to a Job interview".)