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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bohemian "Boho" Style Home Decor

Bohemian "Boho" Style Home Decor

Get Boho home decor ideas from the coolest Bohemian styled rooms and the newest, discounted Bohemian art and home decor products.

Boho interior design... This home decor theme is full of culture, character and comfort. If you want to decorate your nest with Bohemian inspiration, consider this simple Google definition of "Bohemian":

 Bohemian Decor Style

This chalkboard decorative sign displaying the phrase "Blame it on my Gypsy Soul" seems to me a good interpretation of Bohemian style.
Blame it on my Gypsy Soul, BOHO decor, hand painted distressed rustic wood sign, junk gypsy decor, bohemian decor, gypsy hippie room decor by AmericanAtHeart on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/270834320/blame-it-on-my-gypsy-soul-boho-decor

What I love about Boho interior design is the focus on individuality and beautiful Mother Earth. Your Bohemian style home or room should speak to your individual personality and lifestyle while drawing influence from nature and meditation.

Boho Interior Design

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