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Friday, January 10, 2014

Detachable Skirt DIY - Cool outfit idea, no sewing necessary

How to make a detachable skirt

If you want to take an outfit to the next level or need a special look without the special price tag, adding a train/flounce/skirt to a dress or outfit you already have is a show-stealing idea. 

My instructions below will explain how to make a long in back/short in front, detachable skirt, using only scissors in minutes  

STEP 1: Get some material that you like or that goes with your outfit. To avoid sewing or hemming, focus on materials that retain nondescript edges when cut. I liked this crushed velvet. You can cut it into a garment, and without sewing or hemming, it is a ready-to-wear piece of clothing with clean edges.

Obviously consider your height and specifically from waist to floor when buying fabric. A yard and a half should be plenty.

Pink crushed velvet material for diy detachable skirt

STEP 2: Take your fabric and decide which end will be the "waist" of your skirt. Wrap it around your waist and mark from each side where both sides meet at your belly button (maybe give yourself a half inch on each side). 

You'll probably need to do this project on the floor so lay your fabric down and fold it in half so the "right" side is showing and your marks are visible. 

How to make a detachable skirt

STEP 3: From the marking you made where the sides of the skirt will meet at the front, draw onto your fabric, 1/2 of the shape you want your flounce/skirt to have. Consider chalk or a marker that blends in with your material.

How to make a train for a dress without sewing

STEP 5: WITH SHARP SCISSORS, cut out your skirt along, or right inside (to dispose of any unsightly markings) your outline.

DIY detachable train

STEP 6: You now have your skirt. Simply pin the two edges at the front of your waist for secure wearing yet easy to remove. 

A belt will pull it all together!

How to make a detachable train for a dress