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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fall Fashion, Cute Outfits for Colder Weather

I love styling for cooler weather. The need to keep warm with layers makes for lots of outfit options. I hope these outfit ideas inspire you to have fun with colors and textures and to step outside of the box by pairing pieces from contrasting style genres.

What to wear in winter
Just because the Summer heat has retired for another season doesn't mean your favorite cutoffs have to go with it. A major factor in being edgier with your style is knowing you can mix and match clothing and accessories you wouldn't normally even find in the same store during a particular time of year...like shorts and jackets. Pair leggings or tights with your sexy cutoff shorts. Add a cozy wrap and ankle boots and you've seamlessly transitioned Summer Girl into Fall Fox.

Skirt and booties outfits
Skirts are my favorite Fall fashion piece. They are more versatile than you may know. The feminine skirt worn with a sporty letterman inspired jacket makes one of those style pairings that are so contrasting as individual pieces that they compliment as one outfit.

What to wear with leggings
Leather and flannel might make you think of a law breaking biker gang ensemble, but with the right fit and accessories, this combination truly is deadly, traffic-stopping, and heart-racing...an outfit that suddley boasts its effortless sex appeal and confidence.

What to wear with a plaid skirt
How to rock the school girl look without also rocking the tramp look. Plaid skirts are especially appropriate for cooler weather because the necessity of keeping warm with leg coverage balances out the salaciousness of a plaid skirt alone. Keep it casual with a simple sweatshirt and light pea coat or corduroy jacket. Flat Fall sneakers or boots keep this outfit youthful and fun.

Long skirt outfits

Slip on a tailored blazer with a maxi skirt or dress for a sophisticated approach to Fall fashion. Flaunt this look for an evening out and you'll not only be the Belle of the Ball, but the most mysterious girl in the room. 


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