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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get Megan Fox or Any Celebrity Eyebrows By Making Your Own Makeup Stencil

Megan Fox Eyebrows

Make Megan Fox Eyebrow Stencil

Get Celebrity Eyebrows with DIY Eyebrows Stencils

How to get Megan Fox eyebrows

What You'll Need:

  • Stencil Paper or Translucent, Plastic Paper (Like the kind used with projector machines)
  • A Hollywood Star Whose Eyebrows You Envy
  • Sharpie or Medium Tip Marker (Not a pen)
  • Small Sharp Scissors
  • Brow Makeup in Your Shade
  • Eyebrow Makeup Applicator Brush (or Pencil)

Here's How:

1. Find a Picture of the Eye Brows You Desire
Do a web search for "Megan Fox" or "Brooke Shields", etc. Print the image but adjust the size so the printed image has just a little bigger than life-sized eyebrows. You will probably have to print several of the same image in different sizes before finding the right one. Once you do, print 3 or 4.

2. Outline One Eyebrow in the Printed Image
Use a Sharpie or marker to outline, right along the OUTTER edges of one of the eyebrows in your image.

How to Make Megan Fox Eyebrow Stencil

3. Transfer the Eyebrow to Your Stencil Paper
Place your translucent, stencil paper over the outlined eyebrow in your image, and again, use the Sharpie or marker to trace the eyebrow onto the stencil paper. Trace along the outline you drew onto the image. Go ahead and repeat this 4-6 times with plenty of space in between each traced image.

4. Cut Out the Inside of the Eyebrows
You may need a knife if the tip of your scissors isn't sharp or pointy enough to start your cut. I've used a seam ripper before. Place the stencil paper on a surface that you don't mind getting scratched like the cement outside or a cardboard box. Place the tip of your scissor blade or the tip of a knife in the middle of your traced eyebrow image and push it through so you have a hole that you can put your scissors in and begin cutting out the inside of the eyebrow. CUT JUST INSIDE OF YOUR OUTLINE. Repeat for the other eyebrows on your sheet.

5. Cut Around the Stencils
Cut around each of your eyebrow stencils keeping in mind how they should lay on your face for ease of use.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows with Stencils

6. Apply
Place stencil over your natural eyebrow and use brush or pencil to shade inside and along edges of stencil. Use opposite side of stencil for other eye.

***Your result will look most flattering and natural if you move the stencil with your natural arch. The easiest way to do this is two use two placements of the stencil. First, position the stencil so that the inner eye edge and the top of the arch are lined up with the same parts of your natural brow. Fill in the first half of the stencil with makeup. 

How to Use Stencils to Get Perfect Celebrity Eyebrows

Then position the stencil so the top of the arch and the outter eye edge are lined up with the same parts of your natural brow. Fill in the second half of the stencil with makeup.

Make Your Own Celebrity Eyebrow Stencils

How to Get Eyebrows Like Megan Fox

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