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Sunday, August 16, 2015

21 Unique DIY Lamp Shades that Look Rare and Expensive - with Instructions

1. Pearl Strand Lamp Shade

 2. Basket Lamp Shade

3. Wooden Barrel/Container Lamp Shade

4. Chevron Print Painted Lamp Shade

 5. Linen or Burlap Sack Lamp Shade

 6. Bubble Yarn Lamp Shade

 7. French Script, Post Mark Lamp Shade 

8. Crystal Baby Mobile Lamp Shade

9. Recycled Paper Covered Lamp Shades

 10. Sweater Lamp Shade

11. Stenciled Pattern Lamp Shade

 12. Fabric Covered Lamp Shade

13. Woven Ribbon Lamp Shade

 14. Cascading Feathers Lamp Shade

 15. Coiled Felt Lamp Shade


 16. Doily Lamp Shade

17. Ruffle Lamp Shade

18. Sequin Lamp Shade

 19. Stencil Lamp Shade

20. Brown Twine Lamp Shade

 21. Zip Tie Lamp Shade

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