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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Easy and Fast Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

Framed Fabric Wall Decor

diy home deco

hanging fabric in frames

Simply cut some fabric, put in frame and hang. This is perfect for bringing out or tying in accent colors.

Theme Wall Decor

how to decorate like a beach house

Example: Beach House Decor - Put some beachy stuff on shelves and hang a shabby chic mirror.

Paper Pinwheels Wall Decor

how to decorate with paper pinwheels

These super neat pinwheels can be made with wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines, etc.

Rustic Wall Decor

rustic chic home deco

Get your hands on a tree branch and you'll have all kind of tree shelves, knobs, and hooks for adding decorations.

You'll Never Guess What Makes this Wall So Fascinating...

how to take professional artsy photos

I took a photo with my phone of my DIY Crystal Tree (More on that HERE.) Then I uploaded the pic to Photoscape and played around. What I came out with was wall worthy to me.

use your photos for decorations

Grab your camera and snap some photos of objects and scenery that you like. In a simple photo editing program like Photoscape or anyone you prefer, you can adjust elements of your photo like size, exposure, and color saturation and you can add filters like reflection and shadow.

Family Tree Wall Decor

wall decal ideas

These tree wall decals are fairly easy to apply and when done so correctly look flawless. You can hang some of your favorite photos on the branches and your tree decal becomes the tree of life.

You Don't Have to be an Artist Wall Decor

Easy DIY wall painting

This modern wall design was made by placing three canvases side by side and painting a design as if they were one. Then hang with a little space in between.

Recycling for Wall Decor

 Can you get your hands on a pallet or old fencing? Write down some house rules or favorite quotes for wall art with a purpose.

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