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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Decorative Tree, DIY Tree Branch with Hanging Crystal

Tree Branch with Hanging Jewels

When a rare ice storm in Dallas left my front yard tree a few limbs short, I was utterly disappointed. Anyone who knows anything about trees and residential property will tell you: 1. Trees on your property are GOOD and 2. They take a long time to grow and mature. I dragged the broken branch into my garage and left it there for about a week before a light bulb went off and my creative voices began to stir.

Crystal Tree

First: I used loppers to remove all the little, immature branches and leaves shooting off of the bigger, main branches.

Crystal on Decorative Tree

 The Vase: I had lying around from a prior trip to the resale shop, YAY!

Tree Branch Decoration

To Decorate: I found square mirror cuttings and bridal crystal looking jewels from JoAnne's Fabric. I used clear jewelry making string to hang them.

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