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Monday, July 6, 2015

DIY Wall Art - How to Make a Large Frame and Interesting Things to Hang on the Wall

Make a truly unique piece of art with a few items/decorations from around the house and a giant homemade frame.

how to make a large picture frame

Here's how I easily made this one-of-a-kind framed wall decoration for above my couch...

  • I purchased two 8FT pieces of crown molding and had the clerk from Lowe's cut them for me. (I had him cut one 8FT board in half for two 48" pieces and the other board into two 35" pieces which left me with a little extra piece for another project.)  
  • While at Lowe's I grabbed some Elmer's Wood Glue to assist me in creating the frame...But you can save yourself a buck! The wood glue set me back majorly in this project and I had to find another adhesive strong enough to make the frame. What saved the day, and I should have known, was my trusty HOT GLUE GUN! I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest you stick with the glue gun if you decide to tackle this project.
  • I placed the cut crown molding pieces on the floor right side down just the way I wanted them to be as a frame. 
  • I used a staple gun to semi secure the 4 gaps where the pieces met.  
  • I turned over the frame, right side up, and carefully, but generously applied hot glue in the 4 cracks. (It's alright if it seaps through because you will have to sand and paint over these lines anyway. A little seapage means your frame is gonna stick!)
  • Give the hot glue 30 minutes before hand sanding the cracks so they blend.
  • Paint over the entire frame with the color of your choice.

how to make a frame to hang on wall

  • You could call your frame complete at this point if you don't want a fabric background.
  • I already had the teal burlap at home. You can use any fabric or backing you want.
  • One thing you shouldn't compromise on again is how to attach your backing to your newly assembled frame...HOT GLUE!
  • After you gauge how much fabric you need cut and glue it to the back of the frame. Pull it taught and hold it in place while glue dries so you have a smooth background.

home decoration ideas for walls

  •  The best part about making your own wall art with this project is now you get to decorate your decoration. 
  • I had these wooden Fleur De Lis that I'd gotten from a trades market and I was all too excited to have a plan for them. I spray painted them in neon and hung em proud.
  • I also hung in the frame: a lantern, a plate with a mirror hot glued in the center, and a couple pieces of wood which I hot glued drawer handles to.

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