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Saturday, June 14, 2014

End Table Decor Ideas - Bring Personality to Your Space by Displaying Interesting Things on End Tables

clean end table decor

  • Flowers - When you choose a flower arrangement for decorating, you should at the very least, know the genre of deco you want to create. These silk hydrangeas compliment this clean, country end table display. They are full and soft. It may seem like any kind of flowers would add class to any space but notice how this exotic flower bouquet throws off the whole idea...

    ...Just the switching out of the flowers made this classic design tacky and senseless.
  • Mirror - Like flowers, mirrors almost always improve a space, but they too must be paired tactfully. I happen to like the mirror below, but when it joins our clean, traditional end table decor, it's one deco decision that would make even the most open-minded of interior decorators cringe.
  • Nic Nacs, and Other Items You Can Put on Display - Look around your house. Look around your garage and storage areas. Look in your yard. Unique and inexpensive home decorations are everywhere. You just have to be able to look beyond what things are and imagine how they could sta
  • t a conversation as a piece of art in your home. The tattered books with antler as a book end and the chess pieces sitting in a simple serving tray are the types of decor ideas you are capable of when you think outside of the box.

You Guys Crack Me Up - If your space begins to look purposely put together, you throw your keys right in the middle and breathe a sigh of relief. Here are some tips to organize an end table that will reflect on you in the best possible light (masculine and mysterious...Like the most interesting man in the world.)

  • Decorative Tray - A bold in color, and/or rugged textured display tray is a fantastic start when decorating a masculine space. It takes up a lot of room, so you won't over accessorize and simplicity is key in this design.
  • Scotch Glasses as Decor - Scotch glasses or antique looking liquor bottles make great decorations for a man's end table.
  • Foliage Art - Framed pictures or paintings of nature like this peacock feather (or a moss, covered tree) are masculine enough AND design-inspired enough to please both the man and the woman of the house.

  • Matte - If you're going for a beach decor, you generally want to stay away from shiny. Rustic framed mirror, wood that is or looks untreated and baskets are items that compliment a beach-themed end table design.
  • Particular Pops of Color - When integrating color into your beach decor, think of sun umbrellas. Bold yellow, sea green, turquoise and red can individually or collectively be used to decorate in this design genre.
  • Vase - Here are some more arrangements that would compliment a beach decor end table:

  • Shiny - If there are two end table designs that are polar opposites it would be the beach cottage and the and the modern martini. And so, they are based around opposite design rules. Where the beach end table design embraces rustic, matte textures, and rejects shiny decor the modern minimalist design is made up of a few very shiny pieces of slick texture.
  • Bright and Bold Colors - The colors of this end table decor, are not only bold, but bright. This is the "punch". Don't just go for yellow, go for NEON. Look for colors that are almost hard to look at. Because this is a "minimalist" design, there should be just enough of everything so they intrigue not repulse. It is always the decorators who push the envelope that impress me...when I find myself thinking, "Wow this could have been totally bizarre but this nut totally pulled it off."

Couples that share their homes, or do so and are married, often like to display decorations that represent their union or memories from their courtship. It is actually a great way to get creative and make something beautiful and chic of your space. Here are some ways to decorate an end table that tells your love story without looking home-made.
  • Balance - With every gender specified decoration you add to this design, you add one of the opposite. Thus explains the umbrella and the cane. (Side Note: Representing your commitment in decor doesn't have to be literal. You can keep your wedding dress in its air compressed garment bag and your hand written vows in the hope chest. Tactful placement and arranging of men's items and women's items together can make a great end table space.)


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