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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Decor DIY - How to make lighted Christmas presents.

I made these Christmas present outdoor, weather-proof, decorations with materials you can find year-round at your local home improvement store...

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Here's What You Will Need and How to Use the Materials to Make Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations:

Garden Fencing - A little stronger than "chicken wire" and comes in a roll. This fencing is maleable so you can bend and fold it to make the box shapes and easily cut with wire cutters.

Wire Cutters - as noted above.

Wire - to weave pieces of the fencing together. 

A BOX technically has 6 sides. However, yours needs one less so you can put lights inside. So, you want to make a box without a bottom. 
  • I found it best to cut 3, equal in length, pieces of fencing, then fold them in half. 
  • With two of the folded pieces, you have your four sides of the box. 
  • Then you need to attach the edges of the two "seams" which are not folds. (The folds already make two "seams". 
  • Then take the third piece of fencing that you cut and folded and cut it at the fold. One half will make your top, and the other half can be used for another box top.

Zip Ties - will work for attaching together pieces of the garden fencing if you cannot find the weaveable wire above.

Tinsel Garland - To wrap around the fencing after its shaped into boxes. Use the wire or the zip ties to secure the tinsel to the fencing.

Water Proof Ribbon - to add a bow to the top of some of the boxes, or...

Tulle - Make the bows or simply "scruch" the tulle and then secure it to the top of the box with the wire or the zip ties.

Christmas Lights - will go inside the boxes and light them up! You can simply wrap the lights around something like a piece of cardboard or a box, or that piece of fencing that you didn't use.


For More DIY Holiday Decor, check out my articles:Christmas Deco Easy DIY Ideas
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