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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simple Do-It-Yourself Renovations That Will Dramatically Update Your Home

Paint the Banister/Railing of Stairs

Taking an unattractive banister from lacking to luxurious with a coat of black paint is one of the most transforming do-it-yourself projects for your home. Like great plastic surgery, it's one of those renovations that will make all the difference in the world but admirers won't be able to quite guess what you had done. "Yooooou...painted the ceiling!"
"...Oh! Replaced the carpet!"
"Uh Uh"
"Is the crown molding different???"
And just like that, you've performed thousands of dollars in home improvements with one quart of paint and more than a half day to spare.

DIY painted stairs before and after

stairs before with berber carpet

DIY painted stairs after shot

Paint the Legs of Old Chairs

IMG_4793 (465x640)

New Legs (Target Chair)

New Legs (Target Chair)

Photo courtesy of: My personal DIY project to update home

De-Clutter the Mantel

Decorate with Mirrors


Mirror in Dining Room

Replace Old Door Knobs

Unique Cabinet Drawer Knobs

New Door Knob Upgrade

Replacing Door Handles/Knobs

before kitchen cabinets opt Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: Good enough Things

spraypainting cabinet knobs opt Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: Good enough Things

matching kitchen appliances opt Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: Good enough Things

Hardware Installation on Cabinets

Replacing Cabinet/Drawer Handles

Add Handles to Cabinets

Paint Cabinets

repaint cabinets by Burnett Painting

Burnett Painting cabinets final product

Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Renovation Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Renovation

 (Bathroom DIY Update BEFORE)

Bathroom Cabinet Painting DIY
(Bathroom DIY Update AFTER)
Photo courtesy of: My personal DIY project to update home

Crafty Gal Tip: Use a combo paint and primer without sheen (flat or eggshell) and you don't have to prep or seal the cabinets except to wipe them down good before you paint.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Painting Gold Light Fixtures

Light Fixture Updates

DIY Home Renovation Lighting