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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Tips for Selling a Fixer-Upper or a Problem Home

Problem: No Large/Master Closet                                                                               
Solution: Make One
Solution Execution: No or a small master closet is a deal breaker for many home buyers. If you find yourself losing prospects because of the lack of master closet space in the home you’re selling, consider creating a “nook” of space that would make sense as a master closet. Remember: It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged, functional master closet, it just has to help prospective buyers look beyond the problem of not having a master closet and envision what they could do to solve the problem.
1. Decide which room can best be converted into a closet or which area can be best separated from the master bedroom with a divider. Does the house have an extra room, study or loft near the master bedroom, or is the master bedroom large enough where some of its space could be used as a closet?

If the house does have a room near the master bedroom that can be converted into a master closet without devaluing the home, you are in the best situation for solving this problem. If not, then you’ll have to get a little creative with where you can take space away without throwing off the entire aesthetics and flow of the room. If going with the option of creating a room within a room, you want to be able to separate and enclose the closet space with curtains or a room divider so assess the foundation of the room. Is there a section of the bedroom beyond what looks like a wide doorway where you can install curtain rods? Or do you have to look into a room divider? What is going to be best for the room’s layout and design style?

2. Invest in one or two rolling, clothes racks from The Container Store or Home Depot along with some shelving that is easy to assemble and does not have to be installed or cause damage to any walls.

3. Rest a large full length mirror against a wall and use a dresser or small end table to offer more storage.

4. Place a rug down in the middle of the space or where you may designate the “changing area” like in front of the mirror. Rugs placed strategically will break-up a space nicely.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Minute Staging - Must Do Home Staging Tactics That Cost Nothing and Only Take a Minute


Meridian Filing & Storage1. Store most of your stuff
- Consider it a head-start on packing. Chances are, every room is currently over-accessorized and over-cluttered, as far as staging goes. For a rule of thumb, keep all surfaces adorned with only 3 items/decorations. Don’t assume bed-side tables, closet drawers or any place is off-limits to prospective buyers. Pack it up and get it out.

2. If you cannot hide electrical cords, store the electronics

How to Make a Chandelier - Do-it-Yourself Floating Pearl Chandelier


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy, DIY Patio Deco Ideas - Outdoor and Garden Design and Crafts

A baker's rack, stove, china cabinet, etc. can be turned into a unique piece of patio art with a coat of paint and items that create or compliment the theme of  patio, garden.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simple Do-It-Yourself Renovations That Will Dramatically Update Your Home

Paint the Banister/Railing of Stairs

Taking an unattractive banister from lacking to luxurious with a coat of black paint is one of the most transforming do-it-yourself projects for your home. Like great plastic surgery, it's one of those renovations that will make all the difference in the world but admirers won't be able to quite guess what you had done. "Yooooou...painted the ceiling!"
"...Oh! Replaced the carpet!"
"Uh Uh"
"Is the crown molding different???"
And just like that, you've performed thousands of dollars in home improvements with one quart of paint and more than a half day to spare.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Decorating with Vases DIY Home Decor - 28 Things to Put in Vases Besides Flowers

vase arrangement ideas

Decorating with Vases - Decorating with vases is maybe the easiest way to add personality to your space and there are tons of ways to use vases in unique ways. Especially for renters, apartment decorating can be challenging when you are limited in the ways you can make your place unique. These vase decorating ideas will help you with your home and apartment interior design.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Decorating with Accent Colors - Accent Color and DecoratingIdeas for Painted Rooms

Perhaps you got yourself into a home with intentions of making it your own right away, but you've hit a speed bump with unforeseen repairs, extra costs or other projects that take precedent over painting. Maybe you knew you would have to make it work all along for a period of time or maybe you really liked the previous decorator's wall color choices from the get but now find it difficult to makes any kind of sense from Weetie Yellow or Tijuana Teal. Possibly your own decisions in lacquer are driving you up the "wall". I've been in all of these places and the trick to living with and being proud of what you have IS to make it your own...and luckily I've found it isn't as tricky as you may think with a little direction, inspiration, and a break down of the color wheel so your color combos are eye-catching yet eye-pleasing.

General and Universal Tips for Accessorizing with Accent Colors:
  • Incorporate a lot of WHITE. No explanation. Just do it.
  • Don't go crazy with accents. A couch is not an accent and fourteen lime green candles don't compliment anything. 
  • Pillows and vases are EVERYTHING.
Accentuate Gray Paint with Yellow Accessories

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Fabric Covered Cardboard

Material can be easily and permanently attached to the back of cardboard with hot glue.
Decorate Walls

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Paint Old Wood Furniture Modern...With Colored Paint and a Marker!

How to Paint/Update Old Furniture
This end table before I got my crafty little hands on it defied shabby-chic. It wasn't chic at all actually...so much so that it was in storage. My mother, being the original do-it-yourselfer, had gotten her hands on it years ago and attempted to stain it. So, before my revamp, it was a dark wood, some areas shiny from the stain and some areas scratched and chipped from time and ALL UG-LY. The picture of the brown, wooden table is not my before photo because I don't have a before photo of my table. However, and you just have to trust me, the wood table pictured is pretty close to the look of mine in it's previous state...except mine was WAY...MORE...UG-LY-ERRRR!