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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Black and White Cake Pops, Chocolate Drizzle Cake Balls

Black and White, Chocolate Drizzled Cake Ball Pops

I made these round and square shaped cake ball pops and decorated them with a black and white theme.


  • Use the same candy melts or almond bark that you use for the cake pop coating
  • Dip a fork into the melted chocolate and stir it around. 
  • Take the fork out and hold it up so you can see how the chocolate drizzles off of the fork. The important thing is that you drizzle when the chocolate is flowing off the fork in a thin stream. This happens right before the chocolate starts to drip instead of flow. If you start to drizzle too soon when the stream of chocolate is to thick, you will end up with globs instead of drizzles. If you drizzle too late when the chocolate is dripping, you'll end up with, well drip drops on your cake pops.
  • You want to drizzle the chocolate over the cake pops one at a time and holding the cake pop at an angle.

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