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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unique Outfit and Accessory Ideas - that you may have never thought of.

For lack of a fun message or savvy how-to instructions, I thought I would post a few pics of my recent ensemble choices. Let me know if I turned some of your wheels or inspired your own wardrobe.

A wide belt over a bright pencil skirt are all the fashion you need to vamp up a tank top and pony tail.

If you ever feel like your duds are underwhelming, an oversized scarf is never a miss(take).

Most women have a corset they've either never worn or never worn outside the bedroom. A collared shirt underneath brings out your inner pin-up personality while still being demure and classy.

Pair a non-matching clutch with your little black dress and this go-to look becomes a unique idea.

 A bold pop of color AND bold patterned accessories can merge in harmony when bridged by basic black or neutral toned outfit staple (like a pencil skirt or collared shirt).

A silk flower pinned to the collar or shoulder of a blouse feminizes and softens.

Did I wear fishnet floral hose with cut-off jean shorts and brown riding boots? Try combinations that may not make immediate sense. Of course if they still don't make sense tried on in front of the mirror, then trust your judgement and try again.


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