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Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 Things Men Love Women to Wear

The formula is: Hint of Costume Cliche (Waitress, School Girl, Lolita, Dominatrix, Secretary) + Hint of Easy Access (Plunge, Zipper, Ties, Short, Tight, Button Down, Transparent, Slits) with a "Halo" of Innocence = What Men Love Women to Wear.

The most important element in this formula is the "hint" which will attain the overall innocence of the look. It's a tricky equation to complete without error but who said men are anything but tricky.

The tip is not to go overboard in any direction. HE should not be able to put his finger on your inspiration. You DON'T want to hear, "You look like a waitress, or construction worker or middle-schooler".

Enjoy the examples below and please leave your feedback.

10 - PinStripes/Red, White and Blue

9 - Zips/Ties

8 - Black and Form-Fitting

7 - Off the Shoulder

6 - White Pencil Skirt/Pants

5 - Vests

4 - Fishnets

3 - Boots

2 - Plaid Skirt

1 - White Tank Top


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